Monday, January 27, 2014


Craziness ensues in my little corner of the world known as Casa Christopher. This past weekend was no exception.

I'm still battling a cold that seems to have a death grip on my sinuses. So although I'm sick of sitting home and watching dust settle on my furniture going out into the bitter cold Polar Vortex tends to wear me out. However sitting at home isn't all that much better. Thanks to my little 10-lb. dog Rory, my house constantly smells like poop.

My little dog got into the garbage earlier this week and ate chicken that had been sitting in the back of my refrigerator since last October. Yeah yeah, what was I doing with chicken in my refrigerator that was three months old. I think it had gotten wedged way in the back and I had somehow missed it for a while. I did a big cleansing of the fridge last week and that's when I found it. Unfortunately, I didn't realize I was also out of garbage bags so I figured I'd leave the garbage in the kitchen barrel overnight and just go to the grocery store the next day for refills.

Bad idea. My little doggie is both nocturnal and sneaky. He got into the garbage and ate every bit of smelly goodness he could find. How the dog thought it was tasty to eat three month old chicken, I do not know but he sure did. Unfortunately for him, his digestive tract didn't like the chicken  nearly as much as his taste buds did and so it began wreaking havoc on his poor little body. Rory has had diarrhea all over my carpets for the last 5 days, which is just plain GROSS.

My 6-year-old son Christopher is all little boy so of course his favorite word is "poop", only to be followed by "fart" as a close second. He turned my dog's diarrhea into a scavenger hunt game. He'd wander through the house looking on the carpet in his bedroom, or in the dining room and when he struck gold (or in this case brown) he'd yell, "found more poop mama!" He was so proud of himself. I'd follow soon behind grumbling, holding a sponge, a roll of paper towels and some rug cleaner. This week, I went through an entire package of sponges and paper towels and am almost out of rug cleaner now. And frankly I'm considering buying new rugs too.

On Saturday, after three days of this, I finally had the brilliant idea to start feeding the dog boiled rice and chicken which seems to be helping. The dog hasn't had an accident in the house in two days which is a minor miracle at this point. I should have started feeding him that sooner but oh well. Better late than never for my rugs...and my sanity.

Meanwhile hopefully my cold decides to hit the road sometime soon now too. I want to be healthy again in my sweet smelling home again!

How could so much poop come out of one little dog???

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  1. Yes! Rice! My dog ate an entire hambone and it nearly killed her the first time! We lost her the second time! Glad yours made it through okay!