Sunday, August 11, 2013

A Very Good Day

Yesterday was a beautiful Saturday and I planned a busy, busy day for us. Christopher was excited and so was I because I love our little "adventures".

First up was swim class at the YMCA. Christopher came out of that in great spirits because he had done well. This $50 class is wonderful because it gives my little guy not only the skills he needs to swim safely but also boosts his self-esteem and helps get some of that little boy energy out. I highly recommend this for any kid battling ADHD.

After swimming, we took the train into town (Christopher loves the train!) and met up with my friend Sue. Then we took the ferry out to Georges Island for a day of wandering around out there.

Christopher had never been on a ferry before and he loved it. He also really enjoyed exploring the old fort and then searching for crabs on the beach. At the end of the day, it was hard to say good bye to our new crabby friends but I explained that we could come back and visit them again.

What I loved about the day was that Christopher had fun, it was sunny and warm, I was with a good friend and best of all, Christopher was behaving well so the outing was easy to manage. It's amazing how much a day could be made or broken by the behaviors Christopher exhibits that day.

We didn't get home until 7pm last night and after leaving the house at 9am, I'm realizing that might have been a bit of a long day for the kiddo. Today we were supposed to go kayaking with some friends on Spot Pond but Christopher was awake at 3am today not feeling well and since then has barely gotten off the sofa. So today is a quiet day for us. I'm a bit bummed because beautiful, sunny days in New England don't happen often and I like to enjoy them when we have them. And that would definitely be today. But if your kid's sick, what can you do? So a day of relaxation it is. There are definitely worse ways to spend a Sunday.

To learn more about Georges Island excursions, click here:


  1. A friend just posted this on fb: "I HIGHLY recommend the audio podcast of Brene brown's "gifts of imperfect parenting" which is only 2 hours and is more like a really helpful therapy session than reading a parenting book... Really powerful... Download on iTunes and if it speaks to you too, let me know- I'd love to hear. This is not just for parents but my aspiring parent friends, as well as anyone who just wants to better understand how they were raised and the effects."

    1. Hi Emily. I'll have to check it out. Thanks for the recommendation!