Saturday, August 24, 2013

Run For Fun

As much as I love being a mom, I really really miss my former life as a runner. It was a hobby that I really, really loved. Two years ago I even got the opportunity to run the Boston Marathon and I can honestly say it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I'm so thrilled with my accomplishment! It makes me sad though to think that this experience is a part of my past. I'm not ready for this to be considered a bucket list item. I want to run Boston again!

I really miss running. The problem is, I \just don't have the time (or energy) to run much anymore. Plus I can't really leave Christopher alone while I go out for a run. Social workers kind of frown on that.

My social life used to revolve around running. I went to running club once a week and ran races several times per month with friends. Those races all have post-race parties which are SO much fun and I have so many great memories and made so many great friends through that life. It didn't matter the season...I ran through wind, rain, sun and snow. Some of the best events actually happened in the wintertime. Check out the photo of me below from the 2012 Jingle Bell Run after-party. Everyone would dress up, run, get their medal and spend the rest of the afternoon socializing with cocktails in hand. Man, that's a fun race. I haven't run it since 2011 though. No time.

I do try to keep up with running as much as I can. I have a babysitter every Tuesday night so I can go to the Melrose Running Club. But come fall, this babysitter has class on Tuesday nights so we'll have to switch the nights she comes. That means no more MRC for me this fall unfortunately. Christopher adores his babysitter so I want to keep her for him.

I also get to run on the treadmill while Christopher's in swim class at the YMCA. He gets upset that I'm not just sitting there watching him swim but hey, he's fine. Mama needs a little time to herself. However this is the last week of swim class and Christopher starts soccer in the fall. I can't run while he's playing soccer unfortunately.

I miss my running community too. When I see my married friends posting on Facebook that they're going down to the Cape to run the Falmouth Road Race or joining the Lake Winnepesaukee team relay, I feel a little sad and definitely a bit jealous. I so want to do that too! I just don't have anyone I can leave Christopher with for a weekend though. Not right now at least. 

I try to tell myself that when Christopher's a bit older and when he's a little less crazy, I can get back into stuff like this. But for now I just need to focus on him I guess. It helps to think that my running life isn't over but just on hold for the time being. This too shall pass....

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