Friday, August 30, 2013

Good Bye Nanny

Today is the last day with our nanny. Christopher starts Kindergarten next week and thus a new adventure, with new caregivers, begins.

Last night there were some tears. "I'm really going to miss Nora" Christopher told me between sniffles. My heart was so sad for him. They shared so many fun adventures and special moments this summer and I know that meant a lot to my little guy. It meant a lot to me too.

I loved hearing about Christopher playing with kids at the local sprinkler park or touching rays in the tank at the Aquarium or going hermit crab hunting at the beach. I also loved how Nora kept Christopher safe this summer and ensured that he was engaged and learning all through the summer. They read together and practiced counting all the way to 100, sometimes by 10s and Nora answered all his questions (because my kid is very inquisitive!)

Christopher has had a lot of loss in his life and he often handles stuff like this by acting out. He become very defiant and argumentative when his therapists each left their practices. That was so hard on him. But he's older now, more settled and definitely more verbal so he's doing much better this time around. There was no acting out...just a few tears and hugs. That's a huge improvement, I have to say.

Christopher seems very excited to start Kindergarten even though he's sad that he won't have his nanny anymore. And I'm excited to see the little man he's becoming as he grows up. And so as one adventure comes to an end, another begins.

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