Sunday, September 8, 2013

My Soccer Star

Black Cats Warming Up

I was apprehensive about signing Christopher up for soccer this fall because last year, it didn't go so well. He got way too aggressive with the kids on his own team and they didn't want to be around him. He pushed them down. He hit them and the coach kept taking him out of games. My son spent more time with me on the sidelines than he did with the other kids on the field. And for this I was paying $100? No thank you.

I've seen such a dramatic change in Christopher's behavior over the last few weeks though that I decided to try it again. I am happy to report that I'm glad I did because Christopher did GREAT!

I will say things started off on a shaky foot. He was so tired after an exhausting first week of school and so there was a lot of crying and whining going on for the first 30 minutes or so. I also had to remind him several times "hands down" and "keep your hands to yourself" so he didn't get pushy with the other kids. But he did get it and started focusing on playing and not so much on the kids around him. He even said to me that he was thinking of pushing a kid down but didn't and he was quite proud of himself. As well he should be. That's a pretty awesome change of behavior.

Once the practice was over and the game started, Christopher played like a seasoned pro. And this isn't just a proud mom talking. I honestly think he was really really really good.

My kid was scoring goals. He (legally) could deflect hits and deftly hip checked another player who was in his space. When he took a wayward arm to the face or got tripped by another kid, he  soldiered on. He even formed a partnership with another little boy on the team so they could score more goals. I saw him discussing strategy with the kid and was like, um are these kids really just five years old??? I was a little surprised at his competitiveness actually This is one tough kid.

All I can say my friends with kids in the schools around the region: watch out. My kid's going to dominate the soccer field when he's old enough to compete against your kid.

Go Black Cats!

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